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Shipyard-experienced shipbuilding expertise as a link between theory and practice. Our service is individually tailored to you.
Flexibility is our strength!  Design services at a glance:
Ship Design
Initial Design/ Concept
  • Tailor-made ship design from a white sheet of paper to the completed building specification
  • General drawings (GA-plan, tank plan, working plan, loading plan,…)
  • Schematics
  • Single line diagrams
  • Tender documents
  • Propulsion technology
Floating Foundation Installation Vessel FFI 3000
Basic Design
  • Development and elaboration of all documents describing the ship clearly and independent of the manufacturer.
  • Close cooperation with the customer's newbuilding team and regular presentation of the results

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MR Detail
Detail Design
  • For the basic design, the components selected by the customer are incorporated with their concrete, manufacturer-specific requirements.
  • A good basic design contains many ideas that can only be implemented in the detailed design. Understanding these ideas is central.
Advantages of 3D
  • Drawings are consistent in all views
  • Production documents can be generated with little effort
  • Better basis for decision-making, even for decision-makers from other disciplines

A significant advantage is that the drawings are automatically consistent. Everything is displayed correctly in the various views. In 2D drawings, changes during the design process can lead to inconsistent or incorrect views. 3D improves the overview and thus the basis for decision-making, even for decision-makers from other disciplines. Production documents, such as material and parts lists, cutting patterns,... can be created out of the 3D model with little effort. However: High-quality drawings cannot be generated by clicking! The preparations must be carried out thoroughly and conscientiously.
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