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Examples of Offshore Designs
Deck Carrier DC TOKYO
Deck Carrier DC-Tokyo
Optimized for waters with high tidal range and loading with SPMTs
The DC-TOKYO is specially designed for use in waters with high tidal range and loading with SPMTs.
It stretches approximately 150 meters in length and 30 meters in breadth, with a deadweight of about 13,000 DWT. This vessel is equipped with diesel-electric propulsion that meets IMO Tier III environmental standards, dynamic positioning DPS2, and a vast 3900 sqm flush deck, all designed to enhance harbour operations efficiently. DC-TOKYO sets new standards in maritime logistics with its advanced technology and robust safety features.

Deck Carrier DC 10000
Deck Carrier DC 10000
At home on the North Sea and Baltic Sea. Designed by HeavyLift@Sea. Boldwind and Bravewind have been in operation for Vestas since 2020.
Optimization for use in the North Sea and Baltic Sea, flexibility for worldwide projects.
Small port, large cargo, narrow waterways: The heavy-lift project carrier for offshore wind projects is the answer to a multitude of requirements for this special type of vessel that initially seemed difficult to reconcile.

Jackup Service Vessel
Jackup Service Vessel
Fully electric jackup with energy recovery.
To ensure safe crane operation during installation, the vessel is equipped with a powerful continuous lifting system with four legs. During lowering, the electric lifting system stores energy in batteries.
This small jack-up is optimized for service work. Still a ship and not just a platform. Advantages of this type: The ship moves less, consequently less downtime due to weather, it is faster on site and more comfortable.
Offshore Accomodation Vessel (OAV)
Offshore Accomodation Vessel (OAV)
More comfort and safety through consistent design
The clear difference in the design is the size. It is adapted to the sea state in such a way that movements are reduced to a maximum. The comfort for the technicians is significantly increased. The risk of seasickness and weather-related downtime is reduced.
Multi-Purpose Vessel MPV 500
Multi-Purpose Vessel MPV 500
Streamlined ship lines, reduced fuel consumption, flexible use. An insane ship!
Focused on fuel-optimized ship design with high efficiency. Flexible deployment and maximum utilization.
Combination of all essential requirements for a medium-sized heavylifter. The ship concept is scalable. It allows the variation of some parameters (length, width, hold width, crane capacity) to achieve an optimum for the specific application.
Offshore Installation Vessel FFI
Offshore Installation Vessel FFI
Reduction to the essentials: Transport and installation
The vessel is designed as a heavy lift offshore installation and transport vessel. The FFI 3000 offers a large, unobstructed working deck and has a cargo hold for equipment and tools. The vessel is designed for optimum seaworthiness in transit and heavy lift installation work and is suitable for deepwater installation of large monopiles, jackets and tripods.
An 8-point mooring system guarantees safe positioning even independent of DP.
Service Offshore Vessel (SOV)
Service Offshore Vessel (SOV)
Maximum comfort and more work safety thanks to unique daughter boat concept.
The stern hangar concept distinguishes the SOV from other service boats and enables safe launching and recovery of a daughter boat even in bad weather conditions. A motion-compensating gangway on the port side allows technicians to safely access the offshore facility in wave heights of up to 2.5 meters.
Jackup Installation Vessel JIV 2000
Jackup Installation Vessel JIV 2000
Full crane capacity even when floating
Powerful ballast system for operation with full load in floating condition.
The vessel is designed for transport and installation of new generation offshore wind farms. Heavy parts can be transported from the base port to the wind field and installed on the working deck without support from other vessels.
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